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HCS Designs, Builds and Manages Association-Based Self-Funded Healthcare Plans

Affordable Group Healthcare Plans for Small & Mid-Size Companies

HCS has been delivering association based healthcare plans since January 2011. We provide group health insurance through an association based self-funded trust. The trust is designed so multiple associations can join together and utilize the strength of their large membership to negotiate competitive healthcare rates/plans exclusively for their members. All of our health plans meet Affordable Care Act compliance and stringent regulatory requirements.

HCS Helps Businesses Control Healthcare Costs

Spiraling health care costs represent an enormous challenge to the profitability of small and mid-size employers. Larger organizations often implement their own self-funded arrangements as a way to control costs and better manage their benefit programs. HCS has developed a similar solution for small to mid-size employers by utilizing the strength of multiple associations and their large membership to design their own self-funded healthcare plan.

Advantages of Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

  • Greater Control Over Plan Operation
  • Greater Control Over Plan Design
  • Ability to Control Costs and Keep Rates Low

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